Wireless, Powerful, Compact, Portable – designed for multiple field applications!

Nordinkraft has continued with its innovative development of state-of-the-art NDT solutions despite the challenges of the Global Pandemic of 2020.  We have now completed prototype testing of The SONAFLEX-MINI: a portable, multifunctional, Ultrasonic flaw detection and Non-Contact Wall Thickness Measuring Gauge. This new system will be available in the first quarter of 2021.


  • The device consists of a low profile,  battery operated, compact electronics module and tablet PC.  The SONAFLEX-Mini is fully wireless using  Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication.
  • The full system is portable, with a convenient and customized “Go-Bag” to quickly answer needs in any field inspection requirement.
  • The tablet PC is equipped with our sophisticated UT and positioning software with a convenient and easy to use HMI interface.

Available UT-probes:

  • EMAT probe for both wall thickness measurement and detection of flaws
  • TOFD probes
  • Conventional UT probes (angled beam probes, normal beam probes, RT-probes)
  • 16-channels Phased Array probes

Allows for A, B, C and S scans using our gyro single encoder for building B-scans and C-scans

Main tasks:

  • Precise Non-Contact wall-thickness measurement with up to 15mm lift-off!
  • Weld Seam Inspection (UT TOFD, Phase Array, conventional angle beam and normal beam probes)
  • Countless other industrial applications

Test object temperature of up to +6500C.

Reference dimensions and weight of SONAFLEX-MINI*:

250 mm x 250mm x 100mm (10” x 10” x 4”)

3.9 kg with the battery. (<9 pounds)

Entry-level pricing is affordable for any NDT Services company to expand its value-added NDT Services and receive a very rapid ROI.