February 7-8, 2024


Dear Customers and Friends,

We would like to invite you to a practical presentation of our to-be-ready-for-shipment equipment NORDISCAN-HS – a scanner for automatic examination of heavy plates for Hard Spots or/and laminations.

The hard spots related part of the scanner is based on the unique Pulse Eddy Current Probes (PEC) allowing an absolutely reliable test which meets the latest API requirements for hard spots detection.

The biggest advantage of NORDISCAN-HS is that no demagnetization of plates prior to their test is needed. Negative influence of the residual magnetization is fully suppressed.

Another advantage of NORDISCAN-HS is no untested zones at edges, even for hard spots of 10mm X 10 mm.

Depending on its configuration, the scanner is able to test plates for both hard spots (PEC) and laminations (UT).

It takes about 6 min to test a plate of 4000mm X12000mm.

Reference information

Hard Spots are localized areas where the hardness exceeds a designated value.

Being invisible to the conventional UT or X-ray techniques, Hard Spots may cause microcracks in the course of pipes production. Those microcracks, developing in the pipelines, destroy them, resulting in incidents or even explosions. 

The new hard spot detection technology that NORDISCAN-HS applies has been industrially proved and presented by AL GHARBIA PIPE COMPANY at the international exhibition ADIPEC 2023 in Abu Dhabi.

Along with the above, we are going to demonstrate you a family of our brand-new push trolleys Rider-HS and Rider-UT.

The push-carts are equipped with PEC probes – for detection of hard spots, and UT Phased Array Probes – for detection of laminations in of up 200 mm thick plates, respectively.

You can find more information on our products to be presented under the links and

The presentation will be held on at Nordinkraft AG in Remchingen, Schauinslandstrasse 16 from February 7th to February 8th 2024.

We would be pleased to see you soon. Please contact us under to arrange your visit.